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"When I sing, my entire self being is in tune. 
Each song is a personal journey. Anyone can relate to the words and find his/her personal experience in them..."

Shiri Zorn began her musical training in Israel at the age of six, studying classical piano, but it wasn't long before she found her true instrument, her voice, when she discovered a passion for folk and classical singing. At 14 she enrolled at the leading school for the arts in Israel, Thelma Yelin, where she was drawn to the music of Gershwin and was captivated by the world's greatest jazz singers: Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughan and Carmen McRae.


In 2001, Zorn moved to London, England to study at one of the world’s most renowned music schools, The Guildhall School of Music & Drama, where her vocal studies and love of jazz coalesced. “It was at the Guildhall School that I finally realized where my voice was taking me,” Zorn said. And jazz lovers have delighted in that journey ever since. Zorn’s pure tone and unparalleled phrasing makes the listener lean in as she reveals new insights into the great America songbook, with exciting and intimate renderings of these classic tunes.


In 2007, Shiri moved to Seattle, Washington, and had the pleasure of performing with some of the country's most talented and renowned musicians.


In late 2010, Zorn relocated to Albany NY and soon after, began her collaboration with one of the most ingenious and inspiring guitarists,  George Muscatello. Together they have been working on original music and innovative renditions of the jazz repertoire. They perform regularly in various venues around the Capital Region.



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